Chris Mann

Interviewing ‘The Voice’ Season 2 finalist Chris Mann in Spring 2012.

My name is Brittany Frederick, and I’m a freelance entertainment (and occasionally sports) journalist, which is what I’ve been since 2000. I currently blog for a handful of websites, including being a a major contributor to Starpulse, the 4th ranked entertaiment website in the United States (according to, and as the top-ranked Los Angeles Examiner on (as of July 2014). That means I reach 46 million readers every month.

I also contribute to AXS, and you’ve seen my quotes used by CNN, BBC America, USA Network, TNT, BET, Spike, and Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

Just prior to the start of my career, I won the Governor’s Medallion for Creative Writing, which is the highest arts distinction available to a student in the state of California. I’ve since built a prolific resume, writing thousands of articles on hundreds of subjects, even in the face of crazy adversity. Keeps things interesting.

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Growing up in middle-class, middle-of-nowhere SoCal, I fell in love with all things entertainment from a very young age, when I snuck into my grandparents’ living room to watch Terminator 2: Judgment Day. While other kids were engrossed in cartoons, I was tuned in to NBC’s Law & Order, CBS’s Chicago Hope and reruns of The Equalizer on A&E. (Although I admit to a fondness for Nickelodeon’s action game show Legends of the Hidden Temple.) Currently, my can’t-miss series include NBC’s The Voice, USA’s Suits, both versions of Top Gear, and FX’s Justified. And I’m still disgruntled over FOX’s cancellation of Lone Star. I’m an admirer of a lot of folks, including Robert Patrick, Richard Hammond, James Wolk, Mark Valley, Gabriel Macht, Jesse Macht, Jamie Bamber, and Jack Davenport.

I began my journalism career as a correspondent for my local paper, wrote multiple front-page stories for my high school and college publications (one of which, my coverage of the September 11 terrorist attacks, was nominated for a Los Angeles Times student journalism award), and then auditioned for ESPN’s SportsCenter anchor casting call, Dream Job. That landed me a gig as a sportswriter for eSports Media Group (now SportsWriters). Less than three days later, they promoted me to Senior Writer. I stayed with eSports until 2008, and still occasionally contribute a piece or two.

But that’s when I shifted my focus to entertainment. I’ve been writing about everything from mainstream TV to local theater ever since, doing all sorts of pieces from the usual reviews to in-depth critical analysis. My passion is interviewing, and I’ve spoken with everyone from Oscar winners to independent web-series writers, including my hero, three-time Grammy Award winning musician Adam Levine (of the band Maroon 5).

What makes me different from the hundreds if not thousands of other bloggers on the Internet? For one, I’m a professional writer, with the background and education. I also have a whole lot of life experience; I don’t just write about TV and movies, but I’ve made a few over the years (check out my Screen & Novelspage), and I’ve actually tried my hand at some of the professions and experiences that my characters have had. I was a stand-up comic, went to magic school, and one of my degrees is in Criminal Justice because I was inspired by the character of Ben Stone in Law & Order. That means I can provide all sorts of color and context in my articles that sets them apart from anyone else’s.

I also stand proudly as a disabled woman, who has been able to maintain a successful career for more than a decade, even though I’ve been in and out of hospitals and managing constant pain. I’ve never let my health stop me. Ask me about the time I worked a red carpet for The Voice even though I had completely blown out my knee, or ask my assistant Holly – who graciously helps me with office work so that I have less stress – about how I called her from a hospital recovery room to make sure my articles were still going to meet their deadlines. Being disabled isn’t easy, but I appreciate how it’s given me a unique voice in the world.

And last but certainly not least I’m proud of the fact that being a journalist hasn’t stopped me from being passionate about entertainment. I love what I do, and I’ve been able to enjoy great relationships with talent, publicists and fans because I’m invested in what they have to say. You can read some quotes from folks I’ve worked with on my Testimonials page. But I’m proud of my fan credentials – being named the official extra member of The Voice‘s Team Adam, recognized as one of The Voice‘s five biggest fans, and appointed the official President of the Human Target Fan Club, to name a few – because they signify the real connection I’ve made with my audience and the people who make my job possible.

After all that, if you still want to know more about me, feel free to contact me, check out my blog, or follow my personal Twitter account (@tvbrittanyf). If you just want to be kept up to date on the articles – and that’s fine too – follow the site Twitter account (@bftvtwtr). Thanks for reading!