For press, PR or business opportunities, please contact:

Brittany Frederick
(916) 318-8168
Mailing address upon request
Please note office hours: 10 AM to 5 PM PST, Monday through Friday, with phone interviews scheduled 11 AM to 2 PM Wednesday, except by special request. We do not respond to emails outside of office hours.

We DO NOT accept and WILL NOT respond to the following:

1. Pitches intended for more than one media outlet or that do not specify an outlet (Starpulse,, AXS or Hidden Remote). Pitches for Starpulse require approval from their editorial staff and cannot be tied to any product endorsement or sales pitch. We cannot accept pitches for EW Community.
2. Emails intended for anyone other than BFTV staff (such as studios, TV networks, producers or talent)
3. Requests/inquiries for advertising, SEO, or other sales pitches
4. Requests/inquiries for guest posts, guest writers, or other employment
5. Requests/inquiries to repost/promote other websites’ interviews or content

Emails that fall into any of the above categories will be deleted. Please note that due to volume, we may not respond to all emails.

For all other inquiries not mentioned above, use this form: