Publicity and Business Inquiries

All interview/coverage requests and any other press/PR/business related inquiries should be sent to:

Brittany Frederick
(916) 873-8406
Mailing address upon request

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST specify which outlet (Starpulse, Examiner, or AXS) you are pitching for in your pitch/request. AS OF JULY 2014, WE CANNOT ACCEPT PITCHES FOR MORE THAN ONE OUTLET. Pitches without an outlet explicitly specified will be submitted to an outlet of our choice. REMINDER: Pitches for Starpulse require editorial approval.

When sending inquiries, please note our office hours below. We do not respond to inquiries outside of office hours.

Office Hours (as of May 26, 2015)

Monday: Closed
Tuesday-Friday: 10 AM – 5 PM PST (closed for lunch between 2 PM – 3 PM PST)
Saturday-Sunday: Closed
Interviews scheduled between 11 AM – 2 PM PST Tuesdays and Wednesdays, except by special request. We will take all requests for other days/times into consideration but will not always be able to accommodate.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to an increase in telemarketing calls, our office phone no longer accepts calls from numbers that do not display a caller ID. Phone numbers without a caller ID, or which display as “not available” or “unavailable”, are automatically blocked. To ensure that your call gets through to us, please make sure that you and/or your clients are phoning from a number with a caller ID. Email is still our preferred form of communication.

Other Comments and Questions

PLEASE NOTE: is not affiliated with any studios, networks, producers, or talent. We cannot accept fan mail or other unsolicited requests. This form is to contact the owner of this site only. Due to time constraints, we may not respond to all emails.

If you are a publicist or artist looking for coverage, please use the publicity/business contact information in the first section above.

We are not looking for writers, consultants, or advertising opportunities.