I met Brittany during Season 2 of The Voice, doing interviews on the red carpet after a Live Show. The first thing that struck me about her was her realness. There was no invisible barrier of an interviewer trying to get their job done, with no care for the person they were talking to. She just felt like a real person, genuinely interested in my story, and totally someone I would hang out with after that setting. Just really personable, and I know the other Voice contestants from Season 2 loved her too.

She knows how to make the person she’s interviewing feel comfortable, and answer honestly. She puts a positive spin on things, and has a magnetic personality. Cool dude, and good at what she does! Leaves a great impression on the people who cross her path.

Sharon Mathai, “The Voice”

Brittany Frederick is one of my most favorite journalists to work with. She is always quick to respond, interested in a vast array of clientele, and has a purely professional manner to her that is not always seen in today’s industry. She writes excellent features that you would be proud to display in your client’s press kit, and all of my clients contact me after their interviews with her to tell me how great of an interviewer she is! I highly recommend working with her for your client’s upcoming releases and promotions.

Heather Weiss, Vice President, Much & House PR