I really enjoyed being interviewed by Brittany Frederick.  She is kind and lovely, such a great listener, as well as conversationalist, and just an overall cool chick.  I loved the article that resulted from our interview and would talk to her again in a heartbeat.  She’s the bees knees.

Kathleen Rose Perkins, Actress

Brittany Frederick is one of my most favorite journalists to work with. She is always quick to respond, interested in a vast array of clientele, and has a purely professional manner to her that is not always seen in today’s industry. She writes excellent features that you would be proud to display in your client’s press kit, and all of my clients contact me after their interviews with her to tell me how great of an interviewer she is! I highly recommend working with her for your client’s upcoming releases and promotions.

Heather Weiss, Vice President, Much & House PR