Brittany’s Blog: May 29, 2013

The Voice - Season 4

This likely won’t be the longest blog, as I’m exhausted from a 12-hour day of work, but I had a really profound experience last night and I wanted to share it with you. I feel like it’s important to give this moment the significance it deserves, even if it’s just a few paragraphs written in the middle of the night.

As you know if you’ve been keeping up with my blog, I’m lucky to have a good relationship with Adam Levine. He’s my hero, he’s become like my mentor, and while we don’t interact often because of our respective commitments, he’s always treated me with kindness. When I was at my wit’s end, Adam was the person who let me literally cry on his shoulder and convinced me that I would be okay. His support is the biggest reason why I’m here today.

Tuesday night, I had the chance to return the favor. Adam walked The Voice‘s red carpet Tuesday, having to face reporters after two of his three artists were eliminated from the show, and he wasn’t in a great mood. I was his last interview, just the two of us. Given that we do know each other, when we talk I’ve always felt comfortable enough to crack a few jokes, and so I did on Tuesday. I quipped that I was going to go down with the ship should it come to that. I’m nothing if not loyal, and my always being Team Adam is a running gag. It’s nothing I haven’t made light of a dozen times before.

Yet tonight was different. After I made that comment, Adam said something to me that I’m never going to forget.

You’re probably the greatest thing ever, that’s ever existed. I love you. You’re awesome.

And then he hugged me. That was when I realized I’d done something really important. I’d cheered up my hero on a bad day. For all the pep talks he’s given me over the last two years, Tuesday night it was my turn to support him. Making him smile in no way repays the fact that he helped me find something to live for, of course, but it really touched me to know that I could have a positive effect on his life, even a minor one.

What’s also a little bit neat is that I didn’t consciously set out to do that. I did it just by being me, and by reminding him that I’m on his side. That makes me feel that much more awesome as a person.

This is really what it’s all for. When I walk away from this career, which will hopefully be decades from now when I’m old and playing mini-golf in a retirement community, I want to know that I touched some lives. To know that one of them is the person that I look up to more than any other and who inspires me every day…well, that’s the best accomplishment I could ask for in my life.

Thanks, Adam. You’ll probably never know, but you’ve just given me the greatest words I could ever hope to hear.

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