Brittany’s Blog: April 21, 2016

You’ve got to create a dream. You’ve got to uphold the dream. If you can’t, go back to the factory or back to the desk. (Eric Burdon)

I officially no longer have a bucket list.

That sentence doesn’t even make sense to type, let alone admit it to myself. But it’s true, and what I’m feeling at this moment just needs to be blogged. If you’re reading this chances are you know the five-years-running joke about me getting Adam Levine to sing something with me someday. Well, someday was tonight, and something was Maroon 5’s “This Love,” and I still can’t believe that happened.

To explain: I have always been game for a good night of karaoke, so when NBC offered up a press evening of karaoke, and said The Voice coaches would be there, and that it was for charity, I was an immediate “yes.” If anything, I thought I’d say my twice-yearly hello to Adam, have a drink, chat with my usual pool of journalist friends and go home. No big deal. Just a night out.

But when I arrived at Hyde Sunset Kitchen I realized that they were still taking karaoke sign-ups. Why not, I said. I haven’t sung in awhile and maybe somebody will get a laugh out of it. Oh, look, they have a Maroon 5 song. That’ll be even funnier. Hey, does anyone think if I asked Adam he’d do this with me?

I asked, he did and the rest is history. By the way, there’s video:

(Although one note: I do not have MS. I have cerebral palsy. Just before anyone thinks I got diagnosed with another incurable condition.)

Those of you asking what it’s like to sing with Adam Levine: freaking awesome, of course. He is a three-time Grammy winner for a reason (many reasons) and while I wish I’d engaged him more instead of being fixated on the lyrics for fear of screwing them up, it was fantastic to have him backing me up.

It’s also a tremendous benchmark for me. As you know from past blogs, Adam is the single biggest inspiration in my life. Over the almost five years that I’ve known him he’s gone from hero, to mentor, to friend and now an equal. I got to share his passion with him and look him in the eye as an equal. That’s what I take away from tonight. Five years ago I thought I’d be lucky if I shook his hand and said hello. Tonight, we’re on the same stage as a team.

I’ve been incredibly blessed to have The Voice as the place where it all began for me and to have Adam as the person who has always been in my corner. No matter where life takes me next I know that I’m safe there, and accepted there, and that I can have a room full of people chanting my name because Adam Levine told them to. That’s not a joke, by the way. That actually happened.

As did the moment where he grabbed me and said, “I haven’t had that much fun singing that song in a long time.” That’s a quote from the guy who has to sing that song at every Maroon 5 concert ever, and he had fun doing it with me.

It’s kind of crazy to think that in five years – a relatively short period of time – I’ve eradicated my entire bucket list. (Unless you count being killed off TV, though I get iffy on that one since it was really specific to being killed off while standing next to Philip Winchester, Damon Gupton or Jeff Hephner.) How lucky is that? How amazed am I that, despite everything that’s been thrown at me, I have been able to achieve enough of my dreams that I need to make new ones? What the hell. universe, and thank you.

And a big thank-you to Adam Levine for giving a crazy kid her dream duet. Now I’ll never be able to listen to “This Love” normally again.

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